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Business Support Services

I began my professional career some 25+ years ago, working my way through college as a bookkeeper and a short-order cook in Henderson and Buncombe Counties of NC. After graduating from UNC-Asheville in 1996, I worked for three large corporations. As a fast learner, excellent communicator, and engaging team player, I advanced up the ladder quickly, and my time in the corporate world gave me an excellent foundation in budgeting, marketing, project management, and timely customer service.


I didn’t feel fulfilled working for corporate America, so I left that arena in 2001 to work for nonprofits and small businesses. After directing operations for Green Festivals, a large, multi-city sustainability event, my love for the environment led me to San Francisco, CA to learn and do more in this field.


As a newcomer to the industry, it was initially hard to get a job. So, I started my own company, Good Green Graces, to help events and venues reduce waste with recycling and food scrap collection programs. Within a year, my successes led to full-time employment as the Zero Waste Event Specialist for the City of San Jose (CA), where I managed a team of six college interns, prepared training workshops and presentations for a wide range of audiences, learned the in’s and out’s of local government, and created professional relationships that continue to this day.


In 2009, I moved back to Western NC to help my beloved grandmother who was in her last two years of life. Local opportunities in recycling and composting were very hard to come by, so I took employment in other areas. Fortunately, having worked for small businesses, nonprofits, corporations, and municipalities, I was well equipped to handle the majority of business needs for a wide range of organizations. I continue to offer these skills and services in and around the Brevard, NC area.

  • Project and program management to ensure on-time completion of projects, tracking of data, and consistent delivery of services

  • Create and maintain annual operating budgets ranging from $30K to $25M

  • Generate financial reports, provide financial analysis, and cash flow management

  • Create efficiencies to streamline purchasing and reduce expenses, therefore increasing revenue

  • General bookkeeping tasks, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll

  • Reconciliation for multiple accounts, program areas, and revenue streams

  • Create messaging and text for marketing materials, and prepare and present sales or educational information to a wide range of stakeholders and audiences

  • Direct, train, and manage staff and contractors to ensure business success

  • Plan and execute fundraising and special events

  • Serve as primary customer contact and communication liaison for organizations

  • Implement and expand food scrap and recycling collection programs

  • Design and update Wix websites, like this one! 


Proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Quickbooks, Adobe,

CampMinder, Google Docs, and Scheduling


To learn more about my professional experience, please click the resume shown above.


If you or someone you know needs help with any of the areas noted above or other business needs, please get in touch by phone at 828-775-3219 or email at I’d love to explore an opportunity to help you and your business or organization grow and prosper.

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