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About Me

The name Willow Walker found me a few years ago shortly after my reunion with Spirit, and I adopted it formally in September 2013. Prior to that, my birth given name was Janice A. Sitton.


I grew up in Hendersonville, NC, and moved to Asheville in my early 20’s to finish my formal education at UNC-Asheville. After college, I got married and settled into a life working for corporate America and keeping house. It was a relatively easy life, but it didn’t seem complete.


Although I had achieved the American dream, I was far from happy. It was difficult for me to find meaning in my life and work, and I had no idea who I was aside from being a wife and an employee. So, I eventually left my marriage and my job to find the answers to these questions within myself.


Over the next 10+ years, an incredible journey unfolded. I discovered the life principles and interests that motivate me, and changed my work and behaviors to reflect these

principles and interests. I began to live more simply. Work presented itself in the area of the arts and sustainability, which was extremely satisfying. It felt great to work for something bigger than the bottom line. I was working to help the Earth and my Community now.


Life was pretty good until my Grandma passed in the spring of 2011, and my Dad followed her the same Fall. Lost in grief, I turned to Spirit for help, having no idea how much my life would change as a result. It started with a women’s spiritual circle, which is where Willow (Salix) found me. Then, a session with an Energy Healer flipped me upside down, rejoining me with the love I thought I had lost when my Grandma and Dad passed.


The experience with that energy healer was so profound, I had to learn more. I enrolled in the Shanti School to study healing available through energy work and medicinal herbs, and to continue the self-healing which had begun to unfold. I sought out and tried different healing modalities, searching for one that resonated with me. First, I found Reiki, which I love to experience and share. Then I took a Jin Shin Jyutsu® self-help class, and discovered a physio-philosophy with an internationally recognized training program that can reconnect us with universal balance and harmony in our physical form. I was convinced, and completed the three required 5-day classes within a year so I could make this lifetime study and practice available to all who were interested.


I continue to grow and evolve in this practice, and living in alignment with the universe. My study of medicinal herbs continues, as does the study of other energetic healing modalities. Although I no longer offer healing arts sessions, I'm happy to share Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help with anyone who is interested in helping themselves heal with nothing more than their own two hands, a little time, and a growing awareness of their energetic body.

I discovered a love of beading during the winter of 2015 which continues to this day. It is my true passion and joy. Nothing delights me more than shopping for and playing with lovely beads aside from spending time in nature. In order to support my new "bead habit," I have started selling my handcrafted jewelry under the name of Willow's Delight, so I can buy more beads to create more wearable, sharable art for the indefinite future. 

I also offer bookkeeping and business support services (like budgeting, planning, project management, etc.) in and around the Brevard, NC area. With 25+ years of professional experience in a wide range of fields, I have a wealth of knowledge to offer small businesses and nonprofit organizations who need part-time, sometimes, or project specific help.


When not engaged in these activities, I enjoy spending time with the “kids” (the cat Bacon, and Mabel the dog), working on my new home and yard in Brevard, hiking in our beautiful NC mountains, reading, journaling, studying and reveling in nature, and spending time with good friends. Life really is good.


The journey is far from complete, and I hope it never ends. Each day brings new awareness, insights, people and places that broaden my ability to be more than just myself. I am very grateful for my life and all that is in it, including those of you who have visited my website and read to the bottom of this page. I hope our paths cross in the near future if they haven't already.


With Blessings and Much Gratitude,



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