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Healing Intensive Retreat

Our Retreats are designed to offer a comfortable place to stay for a long weekend of quiet, regenerative healing for all levels of the mind, body and soul. They offer a chance to slow down and take care of yourself and your own needs for a while, and combine the healing effects of Energy, Food and Nature in a quiet, environmentally conscious home four miles north of downtown Asheville.


Take time to live simply for a long weekend. Drop old eating habits and learn some new ones. Meditate in the garden. Go for a walk. Enjoy access to a wide range of healing focused activities in the area. And receive three one-hour healing sessions during your stay.


Rest Deeply. Love your body. Love yourself.



Possible Healing Intensive Objectives


Detox – Physical and/or Emotional

Address Chronic Pain

Boost the Immune System

Bring Balance and Harmony into Being

Deep Rest and Relaxation



Healing Intensive Retreats Include


  • Three Jin Shin Jyutsu® or Reiki sessions in my home during your stay (please see the Willow Healing Arts page for more information)

  • All food is included based on your healing intentions and dietary needs

  • A private room with a new double bed and writing desk. The bathroom and living space are shared.

  • One guided healing activity each day

  • A large, secluded backyard with organic gardens and shade trees

  • A quiet regenerative environment for rest and relaxation and healing

  • Ability to slow down and focus on your own needs

  • Transportation to/from guided activity each day



The Food


Guests are encouraged to communicate specific dietary needs or goals in advance so an intentional menu may be planned. A detox program may eliminate gluten, caffeine, sugar, and animal products, and include berries, smoothies, detox broths, tons of greens and veggies, whole grains and lots of color.  If you suffer from joint inflammation or other physical discomforts, let me know so foods compatible with your needs can be provided. In lieu of specific requests, mainly organic, home grown or local foods will be prepared daily with health and well-being in mind.


Those who would like to take things a step further may be interested in a one-on-one counseling session with Ellen Kittredge, a Trained Nutrition and Health Counselor, during their visit. In addition to individual coaching sessions and other programs, Ellen leads a 21-day Cleanse twice a year. I had the privilege of joining her for the 21-day Cleanse this spring, and it was transformational. She has graciously given me permission to utilize her Cleanse-approved recipes for guests during their stay, which are both highly nutritious and delicious. Thank you, Ellen! : )


For more information on Ellen and her services, please visit



Possible Guided Healing Activities


The list below provides some examples of healing activities available in and around my home. Additional opportunities for herb walks, classes and workshops abound in the area and are subject to availability. Guests are responsible for their own admission fees when applicable. Fortunately, there are plenty of healing activities that don’t cost a thing.


Guests are encouraged to send me activity preferences in advance so the retreat program can be tailored to meet specific intentions, interests and goals. Or, we can go over that information together when you arrive. We will spend approximately 3-6 hours a day healing, playing and eating together. The rest of the time is yours to read, rest or explore on your own.


  • Hike in the woods (within 45 miles of home)

  • Yoga Classes at Asheville Community Yoga (within walking distance)

  • Dancing at Asheville Movement Collective (Friday night or Sunday morning)

  • Shopping at the North Asheville Tailgate Market (Saturday morning)

  • Walk to/from Beaver Lake (2-4 mile round trip)

  • Flying kites at Beaver Lake

  • Guided Mediation

  • Learn tips for waste reduction at home, and home composting

  • Dig in the dirt (i.e. work in the garden)

  • Arts and crafts

  • Quiet time



The House and Room


Your bedroom has a brand new double-bed and a writing desk. We will share the bath and common areas. The house is full of sunlight during the day, and in the spring and summer, the windows are open to let in the breeze and the sounds of songbirds from the yard. During the winter, a woodstove provides warmth for the house and spirit. A friendly dog named Mabel offers opportunities for love and exercise, and an elusive cat named Bacon offers endless entertainment.


A large backyard with organic gardens and plenty of shade trees (when the leaves are in) provides a place to rest and mediate, and watch song birds at the feeders. The house is within walking distance of Beaver Lake on Merrimon Avenue, which affords lovely views, and is a great place to fly kites, reflect, read books or just hang out. The local library and a few restaurants are within walking distance as well.


Wifi is available throughout the house and on the back porch, and a screen and DVD player are available for watching movies in the evenings. The kitchen will be well stocked with foods and beverages specific to your healing intentions and dietary needs as arranged in advance.


Recycling and composting happen daily in the house, and during the spring and summer, rainwater is collected in water barrels for use in the gardens. Laundry facilities are available for your use in the basement, and a clothesline in the yard is available for drying during warmer months. There is no smoking in the house, but a smoking area is available on the back porch if needed.





Transportation (by Honda Station Wagon) is provided for guided healing activities within 45 miles of the house. It is also available to/from the airport if arranged in advance (based on availability).


Other transportation needs are the responsibility of each guest. On-site parking is available. The N1 Busline stops within a block of the house and runs up Merrimon Avenue into Downtown every hour. This is a great resource if you choose to travel without a car and want to spend some time in the downtown area.



Rates and Availability


To further explore a Healing Retreat specific to your needs,

please Contact Me for more information.



The "Kids"


Transform yourself

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