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The Power of Touch

STORY Magazine - Issue 08/Spring 14

Practitioner brings Jin Shin Jyutsu to UK Markey Cancer Center


Video - Jin Shin Jyutsu at the UK Markey Cancer Center

Interviews with the practitioner, cancer patients and doctors


Discovering and Fulfilling a New Life Path

Natural Awakenings WNC Magazine - March 2014 edition

An introduction to the community

Monthly Newsletter Archive


November 2014: Workshop at OM Sanctuary

Offering first 3-Hour Self-Help Workshop on November 22


October 2014: Holding on (to our fingers)

How our Fingers can  help balance our attitudes


September 2014: Serving Veterans & More

New position at Helios Warriors, moving home


August 2014: Amazing Shifts & SEL # 1

Stories of Self-Help with Safety Energy Lock (SEL) #1

Announcing Self-Help Workshop at OM Sanctuary - Nov. 22

July 2014: Changing the Model

Donation-Based Services now available

May 2014: Energy Flows & the Power of Intensives

A Poem about Energy as a River through our bodies

The Benefits of a 3, 5 or 10 session intensive

Self-Help Study Group each week, and more...


April 2014: Food & Our Health

How Food Can Affect Our Well-Being


March 2014: First Event Offering & Exciting News

Tips to Reduce Waste, Reawakening Dreams & more


February 2014: A Box of Chocolates for Valentine's Day

Exploring Abundance & Being Worthy to Receive It


January 2014: Fast Tracking the Flu

Rest, Herbs and Self-Help Makes for Speedy Recovery


December 2013: New Location

Celebrating my New Location to Downtown Asheville

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