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Client Testimonials


I have had the pleasure of working with some truly wonderful clients.

This is what some of them shared after their sessions with me...


My session with Willow Walker brought me much peace. In this busy world, to find a healer with such skill is rare. Willow combines her extensive knowledge with equal measures of warmth, as she discussed my needs and listened patiently to my health goals. I so appreciated her genuine concern, expertise, and unique aliveness. She sparkles! I felt she had imparted these qualities as she performed the highly effective techniques in Jin Shin Jyutsu energy balancing. After the session, she offered valued insights. I sailed out to the day with renewed centeredness, humming with peace! I recommend the healing experience of Willow. Jane


The sessions have decreased the pain in my shoulders and allowed me awareness of the meanings of certain discomforts. Emotionally, my life is more at ease and I feel more connected to my purpose in life! Michael


I cannot tell you really how awful I felt .... Thank Goodness you were able to "release"" what was going on ..... when I got up off the table .. the trapped energy .... went right up my spine to the neck .... to the brain .... and I cleared / reset.  That was a powerful ""flow"" !! Karen P.


Willow....I am like a piece of jello...and this is good....Ron ;-)


I just wanted to share that I am experiencing alot of clarity today after our session yesterday. This morning it was easy for me to take the time to meditate, follow my guidance, and take action in an easy manner. I also had a hectic morning with my son's activities and I was able to handle them without stress and freaking out. I think the fear work we did yesterday was very helpful. Thanks! Kim


What I like best about the sessions are feeling the energy flow, Willow's calm & peaceful demeanor, and the warm & inviting environment. Kara


Willow offers a light happy atmosphere while her touch is confident and focused. The sessions are very pleasing, relaxing with beneficial integration. Jan


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